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Sustainability at 正规博彩平台
Plastic Free Vending Machines

Beverage vending machines on all 正规博彩平台 campuses are plastic free! They contain bottles made only from glass and aluminum and comply with 正规博彩平台's Green Purchasing and Break Free From Plastic Policy.

Want to learn more about 正规博彩平台's SUNY-leading push to rid our campus of single-use plastics to the greatest extent possible? More information about this Policy can be found on its associated project page.

正规博彩平台's vending services are provided by American Food and Vending. They were a critical partner in this initiative and were able to make the shift from plastic beverage containers to glass and aluminum within a few weeks of request. Machines were able to remain stocked with coffee, energy drinks, water, Gatorade, juices and soda.

The Office of Sustainability is working with campus cafe operators to make the shift from plastic beverage containers to more environmentally friendly alternatives. 



Vending machine without plastic beverage containers

A vending machine at the Syracuse campus, without a plastic beverage container in sight